Home Support Visits:

Personal support visits meeting the needs of Deaf children and their families through the provision of information and communication development.

Ethnic Families:

Aimed at families from ethnic communities. We have staff who are native community language users and understand the cultural and religious needs of ethnic families.

Cultural Awareness:

For deaf children and Deaf Youth People to have access to their cultural heritage

Family Centres:

Regular meetings for families to meet up to share experiences and information e.g. meetings, coffee mornings, etc.

Homework Clubs:

Held weekly in Burnley. The children who attend Homework Clubs will receive support with their homework with Deaf adults and also meet other children and share experiences. Homework Clubs also offer an opportunity for children to discuss local, national and international news with Deaf adults and other children. Homework Clubs use various communication methods depending on the child’s needs.

Youth Clubs:

We encourage teenagers to organise their own events, activities and meetings, and provide staff and volunteers to work with them. Our aim is to support them to become more independent so that they can build their own futures. We offer career planning when leaving school, and inform Deaf young people about their rights to benefits and other support. We also work closely with professionals to ensure Deaf young people receive correct support in various life situations. We consider ourselves experts in this area; it is natural for us to understand the needs of Deaf young people because many of our staff are Deaf themselves. We work closely with the community and meet these people every day. We understand that many professionals cannot provide full understanding and empathy in deaf issues or act as Deaf role models. Without subjective experience it may be difficult to provide support with language and communication issues, and to provide counselling which is especially suitable for deaf people.

Activity Club:

Held in Blackburn and Burnley during school holidays and half terms. Activity Clubs include day trips and activities, and offer an opportunity to meet other deaf children and adult role models, develop language and communication skills as well as identity.

Language & Communication Development:

We provide British Sign Language classes for Deaf children and their hearing parents and family members. We can offer support for Deaf children with their written English and communication skills. We also give staff in nurseries and mainstream schools guidance on how to interact with Deaf children by showing them examples how to read books and sign stories, play games and integrate aspects from Deaf Culture in these activities.

Sign Language:

Basic sign and language and Deaf Awareness taught in local schools so that they can communicate with deaf children and Deaf Youth People. Family Sign Language courses for parents who want to communicate with their children.

Educational Support:

Support with getting a Deaf child in school/college and Educational Reviews/Tribunals

Developing Partnerships:

Family Support Services works closely and actively with other agencies, professionals, organisations or groups for networking, information sharing and to deliver programmes for Family Support Services.

Our staff and volunteers have the following areas of knowledge, skills and expertise:

  • Child Protection
  • Deaf Education
  • Communication Skills
  • Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
  • Deaf Awareness
  • Emotional & Behavioural Problems
  • Additional Disabilities – Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) etc.
  • Asian languages including Urdu & Punjabi
  • Benefits, for example Disability Living Allowance
  • Family Issues; Parenting Skills, Child Development

Career/Employment Support:

Support with future career; employment training such as interview skills; writing a CV.

Respite Care:

Family Support Services can offer support if you need a break from your child.


Family Support Services offers a range of activities for varying ages.

  • Holiday Playschemes
  • Youth Programme
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Drama
  • BME Group
  • Day Trips
  • Weekend Residential Trips
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